Radio stations in Ottawa

Residents and visitors of Ottawa can choose from a diverse selection of radio stations, including shorwave, FM, and AM stations. The formats range from children’s radio and campus radio to tourist information, news, sports, classic hits, and Christian music.


There are many news radio stations in Ottawa, including CBC Radio One, Ici Radio-Canada Première, 1310 news, and 580 CFRA. CBC Radio One is an information and news station, featuring morning, midday, and afternoon/evening programs such as All in a Day, Ontario Today, and Ottawa Morning. Ontario Today is а midday program featuring phone-ins on cultural, social, and major news topics and news reports. Ici Radio-Canada Première is a news/talk radio owned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and broadcasted in French. First launched in 1937, the station features a discussion and news program as well as holiday programming. 1310 news is also a news radio owned by Rogers Media and broadcasted in the Ottawa-Gatineau Metropolitan Area. The program schedule includes news, traffic alerts and weather updates, shows, podcasts, and more. Listeners can choose from a selection of featured shows such as Ottawa Today with Mark Sutcliffe, The Rob Snow Show, and The Big Story Podcast Show.


There is a large selection of music formats to choose from, including contemporary hits, modern rock, country music, mainstream rock. CBC Music, for example, is a public music radio owned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and first launched in 1946. The schedule includes specialty programs such as Canada Live, Backstage with Ben Heppner, and The Vinyl Café. Ici Musique is also a public music radio broadcasted in French through regional stations. boom 99.7 is another music station featuring classical hits, which is owned by Chorus Entertainment. Launched in 2003, the radio features music programming, concerts, and events, including famous artists and bands such as Elton John, James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt, and Pearl Jam. Other music stations in Ottawa include Pure Country 94, Hot 89.9, and Jack FM, playing music in diverse formats, from pop standards and country music to contemporary hits and adult hits. Christian music stations are also available, including CHRI 99.1 and CJVN 92.7 FM, the latter being broadcasted in French. First launched in 2015, it is a low-powered station currently owned by M Fiston Kalambay Mutombo.

Campus Radio

Several campus radio stations operate in Ottawa, including CKDJ FM 107.9 and CHUO FM 89.1. The latter is a campus radio broadcasted in both French and English and featuring shows such as Brazil Sound System, Radio Active: the Majic Hour, and The Morning Shift. CKDJ FM 107.9 is another campus radio station that is broadcasted in the Ottawa-Gatineau Metropolitan Area and is owned by the Algonquin College. The station features interviews and shows such as Into the Beat, 2 Hits & a Crit, and The Gio Show.


CHU is a shortwave station broadcasted in Ottawa and owned by the National Research Council of Ottawa. First launched by the Dominion Laboratory in 1923, it is mainly used for time signals of the Canadian government.

Weatheradio Canada

Owned by the Meteorological Service of Canada, Weatheradio broadcasts live updates and weather information. Broadcasts are aired 24/7 in English and French.


Ottawa Elementary Schools

Ottawa is the home to a number of elementary schools, operating in Hampton Park, Riverside Park, Nepean, downtown Ottawa, and elsewhere. There are different types of private and public schools, including boarding, Christian, Montessori, and special needs.


Elementary schools in Ottawa also have kindergartens offering French and English instruction. All children aged 4 years are eligible to enroll in a two-year program that teaches children letters and numbers. Instruction involves dramatic play, puppets, crafts, sand, puzzles, water, etc.

Elementary Schools and Program Options

Students are offered 4 program options – middle French and early French immersion and alternative and English program with core French. The Alternative Program with Core French offers Core French instruction as well as English instruction in all subjects. The cornerstones of the program include community and family involvement, differentiated evaluation and assessment, and non-competitive and cooperative settings. The Middle French Immersion Program combines both English and French instruction. Students in grades 4 – 6 receive instruction in French in all subjects, the only exceptions being Math and English Language Arts. The Early French Immersion Program is offered to students grades 1 – 8 and involves 50 percent instruction in French and 50 percent in English. Mathematics is taught in English in grades 1, 2, and 3. The English Program with Core French offers Core French instruction as well as English instruction in all subjects. Elementary level students take classes such as Core French, The Arts, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics, and Language. They are also taught Geography, History, Social Studies, and Science and Technology. Courses that are offered at the secondary level include Business Studies, Guidance and Career Education, Canadian and World Studies, and Classical and International Languages.


Elementary schools in Ottawa include the Blossom Park Public School in Gloucester, Greely Elementary School in Greely, John Young Elementary School in Kanata. The Blossom Park Public School is a small school with a total of 2 classes and 29 students, 19 percent of whom English language learners. Some 10 percent of students are with special education needs. The schedule of students is divided into instructional blocks and nutritional breaks, and school ends at 3 pm. The Greely Elementary School is also a small school with 2 classes and 17 students, only 6 percent of whom are English language learners. All students are born in Canada, and the main language of instruction is English. Of them, 47 percent say that they like to read most of the time, 29 percent like to write, and 47 percent like mathematics. The John Young Elementary School in Kanata is a bigger school with a total of 6 classes and 91 students. Of them, 23 percent are with special education needs and 10 percent are English language learners. Students born in Canada make for 82 percent. The schedule includes instructional blocks, exercise breaks, and nutrition breaks, and the school day ends at 3.15 pm. The Stephen Leacock Public School is also found in Kanata, and the main language of instruction is English. Canada-born students make for 86 percent of the student body which is 77 in total. Only 6 percent are English language learners. The schedule is divided into learning blocks and nutrition/recess blocks, and school ends at 2.30 pm. Students also participate in different clubs, including robotics, junior homework, games, guitar.

The Ottawa-Carleton school district is the home to many schools scattered in places such as Kanata, Kars, Carp, and Navan, including the Adrienne Clarkson Elementary School, Elizabeth Park Public School.

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